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This week saw the formal release of a brand new plugin from two of our team, well actually, myself and Daniel; Daniel putting in all the legwork on the code side of things. Track The Click is a little tool we’ve been putting together over the last few months, based on my own needs as a website owner. I think you might find it useful, too.

The plugin works to track user behavior on your WordPress site – specifically clicks on external links. Once installed, the free plugin logs the time, date, page location, and anchor every time a website visitor clicks a link. The plugin does this using client-side JS and is a pretty lightweight add-on for both your site and the end user.

Again, as a website owner this is invaluable data for me. On my sites that have sponsors, I can give them valuable data on traffic sent to their sites, which is handy for less tech savvy people who don’t know how to look at their own analytics.

I can also track clicks on affiliate links, and see which pages on my site are driving that behavior. The plugin came into existence as I’ve had frustrating experiences with other solutions out there – don’t get me started on trying to integrate Google Tags onto my site! We’ve also worked hard to overcome some of the shortcomings of other plugins that try to offer this functionality; for example Track The Click logs click events in your header, footer, and widgets as well as inside the post or page itself – an area we saw other plugins failing in.

We will be slowly improving the plugin over the coming months as a fun little side project, as well as probably deploying a premium version down the line – focused more on the affiliate link side of things.

You can download the free version of the plugin on the WordPress plugin repo here.

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