A virtual Christmas

This Christmas is unlike any we have known before and nothing drilled that home as much as planning a virtual Christmas party. All the normal Christmas work party traditions were thrown out of the window but that didn’t mean we couldn’t have fun!

Delivering a cocktail making hamper to each of our staff and hosting a virtual cocktail making evening went surprisingly well. In fact, it was a huge success! How else would you be able to say goodnight to your colleagues at the end of the night and climb straight into bed?

The fun didn’t end when our Zoom call did. We have challenged our staff to build and decorate their very own gingerbread house and voting has started on our social media channels to see who will be crowned the winner. The submissions so far have been fantastic and it is great to see that our competitive streaks are not just limited to Super Smash Bros and the pool table!

Why not head over to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and vote for your favourites?

Laura Seaton

As part of the Customer Experience team, Laura ensures that all of our customers get the highest quality of service. You will find her looking after all of our social media channels. Laura has been blogging since 2010 and is an avid WordPress user.

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