5 applications for improving productivity when blogging

The 5.4 release of WordPress included the full screen editor which makes for a less distracting way to create and edit posts but there are lots of other ways to make blogging more productive. This article will look at some of the tools that can help you to maximise your time and improve your productivity.


Creating a content calendar is one of the first steps to being more productive. Knowing what you need to write and when will help to keep you focused. CoSchedule is so much more than a content calendar; it also allows you to schedule your content and the associated social media posts so that you can move on to the next piece of content without fear of forgetting to actually post.


If you find that content ideas come to you at inconvenient times then you may find that an application such as Evernote will be of benefit. Although Evernote can be used for collaborative working it is primarily a note taking app. Evernote keeps all your notes, lists and tasks in one place and the free version is perfect for bloggers.


Also known as “IF This Then That”, IFTTT works by creating lots of little jobs that become automatic when you turn on the associated rule (known as Applets). There are lots of WordPress Applets that have already been created that can pin your posts to Pinterest, share on social media and even cross post to other platforms. Connect your social media channels and see how much you can automate with IFTTT.


Grammarly is an online grammar, punctuation and spelling checker. Available as a Google Chrome extension, a desktop application and even as an MS Word Extension, Grammarly helps you to create easy to read content, shows you where to improve and ensures you are using the correct tense.   


Hemingway is another application that helps with the readability of content. Hemingway will help you to create clear, concise content with shorter sentences and a stronger voice. Hemingway highlights the issues within your text in different colours so that you can decide on how to respond. It also offers suggestions when you hover over the highlighted text.

Do you use any other applications to help with productivity?