the_title(); welcomes Mike to the team!

Following our recent available support position, we are pleased to welcome Mike to  Mike joins us to expand our customer support team.  Mike is already getting to grips with our internal procedures and policies, so much so that we have now set him loose, assisting clients daily.  If you email or call us, chances are you will speak to Mike.

Say hello, everyone!


  1. Welcome Mike!!!

    You’ve joined a great team. The 34SP support is always fabulous. Look forward to *talking* to you soemtime. :-))

  2. I tried to subscribe to your feed but it didn’t show up on my homepage at Is it working correctly?

  3. Welcome Mike! You’ve joined a high class act – great support at 34SP.

  4. Welcome to the team Mike.

    Unlike so many ISPs who seem to regard support requests as a nusance, 34sp’s team have always shown a total comitment to having a happy customer base.

    You have joined a great team Mike and I wish you every success.