34SP.com welcomes Alison to the team!

As you may recall we recently finished interviewing for a design position. Interviews went very well, so much so that we had to hire two people rather than one!

This week sees Alison join the 34SP.com team, the first of our two new hires. Alison has joined us to help us improve our design talents. She will be working on our main site, marketing campaigns and a few new projects we have in the works. You should see the fruits of Alison’s work over the coming months as we look to develop and improve our website and customer facing systems.

Say hello, everyone!

34SP.com Staff

5 Responses

  1. It’s good to see she’s brought some light reading, in the form of a ‘visual quickstart’ guide. Doesn’t look like that dinosaurs’ moved for months tho.

  2. You will always be orange through and through!! You can never escape us! MWAHAHAAA!!! The flying monkey army will be with you soon my pet……..

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