Back Website Hosting Team Welcomes Tom

19 June 2009


A short time ago we here at advertised for a second level support and systems administrator on our blog. The decisions on who to add to the team are always very important to us – we know you are depending our us to provide the very best talent to support you. Whether you are running a less complex hosting site, reseller hosting or several dedicated servers, our job is to provide excellence in every aspect of our business. We always advertise on our blog first. Any applicants who become aware of employment opportunities there will already know what we do and who we are. Hopefully they’ll also have some experience in the way we like to do business and will know that we always put the customer first. As it happens, a long standing customer saw the post and got in touch with a CV, having just graduated university. He came up to our offices to meet Ian and myself, and we were happy to offer him the job almost immediately.

Tom has been with us for a week now and has slotted right into the team – if your support case requires a little more attention than our front line support team are able to lavish on it, previously you’d probably have been replied to by Ian. Your response might now come from Tom! He’s brought a great wealth of knowledge with him that has enabled him to dive right in and fix things that are broken from day one.

In the slightly longer term, Tom’s arrival gives us more in house technical expertise and capacity and we have some pretty exciting projects lined up that we’re going to use the extra man hours for!

I hope you’ll all join me in giving Tom a big welcome to the team. You can say hello in our IRC channel or just send in some complicated support query 🙂