You’ve read the book, seen the film, now buy the T-Shirt!

In the past this illustrious piece of clothing was available only to select clients, suppliers and staff. Now however, you too can own one of these exquisitely crafted garments. Available in M, L and XL for the measly price of ten pounds, show your 34SPride and buy one today!

Note: Not only do wearers of the 34SP T-Shirt radiate an undeniable air of geek cool, but they are also eligible to win a variety of special prizes, yet to be announced…

Previously a closely guarded secret of the team here is the official T-Shirt in all its glory, modelled by Phil:

For those of you interested in owning this amazing piece of geek haute couture drop an email into


There are 10 comments on “ – The T-Shirt

  1. Alan Dougall October 21, 2006

    Please add t-shirt size M to my account.

    Thanks for all your help at help – plz send me one for my birthday (19th Oct)…


  2. Sarah and Lynne October 23, 2006

    do i get phil with the T-Shirt?

  3. Pat October 24, 2006

    And next the baseball cap with <head>?

  4. HW Techie November 9, 2006

    Woof! Check out those guns!

    Just noticed this, very nice. Thought you could do a version of this one too –
    Muchos Geek, no?

  5. Richie November 15, 2006

    will will these gurrantee pulling women on a saturday night at gala bingo?

    if not you should supply 34sp clubs :p

  6. Lee Wood November 22, 2006

    Will you send one XXL to Denmark??
    I will pay a little extra for postage if needed…

  7. Stuart December 7, 2006

    Denmark shouldn’t be an issue, drop us an email to with the details so we can look into the postage for you.

  8. Alex Holsgrove May 28, 2007

    How do we actually buy one?

  9. Stuart May 29, 2007

    just drop us an email to and we can take it from there.

  10. max July 19, 2007

    I would buy one in order to pretend I was a geek but dont think people would believe me!