Back site upgrade

21 September 2005 Staff

The last couple of weeks I have been working on some website upgrades and I am pleased to announce that they are finished. As of the 20th of September 2005 you will be able to upgrade your standard hosting accounts and store payment information for ease of use.

To upgrade your standard hosting account simply login, select the hosting account you wish to upgrade and click ‘More’. You will now see the details of you hosting account, click ‘upgrade’. You will see a drop down list of all of the available upgrades for your hosting account. Choose the upgrade(s) you require, once you are happy click ‘Basket’ and continue to pay as normal. Alternatively you could click ‘More upgrades >>> ‘ to add further upgrades to your hosting account.

Payment details can be added when you pay. To store payment details when you’re on the card details page tick the box next to ‘Remember my card’. Once you’ve stored your details you can use your Account Control Panel to manage them.