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34SP.com is 7 years old

To celebrate 7 years in business, today sees the launch of 7 great deals available for the next 777 hours.

34SP.com was founded in October 2000 and has grown each and every year since. Things have developed massively over those 7 years. We now host over 20,000 web sites, although we still strive to offer the same great service for every customer just as we did from day one.

So please join in our birthday celebrations and take a look at our special offers. From half priced domain names to free hosting upgrades there is something for everyone. For full details on the offers please see our special offers page. You can also reach the page via the banner at the top left of our site. If you decide to make a purchase please be sure to order directly from this page.

If you have any queries on this promotion please don’t hesitate to email or call us on +44 (0)161 200 1855.