the_title(); Deploys SmarterTrack 4.6

In our continuing efforts to provide the highest possible levels of technical support to our valued clients, has today completed a significant upgrade of our customer support software.

The transition from SmarterTrack 3.x to 4.6 provides many advantages for clients needing technical support. According to information provided by SmarterTools (the developers of the software), ”SmarterTrack is a powerful help desk application that transforms customer service efforts into a comprehensive, multi-channel communications portal with features like a Ticket system, Live Chat, WhosOn, branding and language support reporting, and a Knowledge Base.”

The most noticeable improvements for clients will be:

Further increased speed and reliability for support.

Faster response times for accessing the Technical Support Knowledge Base.

Enhanced detail regarding support tickets – all support management functions can now be accomplished online through our portal in addition to email.

Google translate function (beta) for live chat – in the event you want to ask questions in another language and receive translated answers.

Improved collaboration for internal staff – to better coordinate on complex service issues.

Additionally, any identified bugs from previous releases have been addressed and improved as well.

After some great help from the staff at SmarterTools, we were able to plan the deployment of this upgrade to happen with almost no impact to you, our customers, so that all you will see are the benefits outlined above. We’re looking forward to playing with the new features and finding more ways to improve the outstanding support we already offer. will constantly pursue improvements to our systems that will benefit those needing professional website hosting services for small businesses, web developers and designers.