34SP.com Web Hosting – What Customers are Saying

34SP.com recently reached out to our customers and asked them what they liked best about 34SP.com’s web hosting and domain registration services. Full disclosure – we offered them the chance to win a crackin’ 34SP.com-branded brolly for their trouble. Here is a small sampling of those responses.


”What do I like best about 34SP.com? Support, support, support and support.”Sam B.

”34SP.com try to resolve your problem within 60 minutes by email request, if they can’t, they will keep you updated by email giving updates on the progress. They are fast, friendly and and totally reliable. Not only do they offer excellent customer service to ALL their customers, but they have brilliant hold music on the phone which can keep you entertained and smiling if they are busy helping other customers, which helps if you are agitated with your website and it eases the tension when your call is answered. I have been with 34SP.com for a good number of years and I always recommend the company to other people. You may pay a little more, but you get a whole lot more in return.”Nathan Y.

”I’ve been a customer with 34SP.com for over 10 years now and I have been massively grateful to the support team over this time. I’ve used other hosts and providers alongside 34sp.com over that time but I’m increasingly moving all of my systems to the new servers at 34SP.com due to their features and functionality. They really do have more ‘bang for your buck’ and the tech response team is one of the best I’ve had to deal with. Would I recommend them? Absolutely.”Rick T.

’34SP.com gives me the service I need, when I need it. They are responsive and helpful, and the standard of hosting is excellent. I’d recommend them to other people looking for a solution.”Sally K.

”What I like best about 34SP.com is that there are real people at the other end, and they don’t take you for an idiot when you have a problem. Most other webhosts first assume that you are some kind of low life that is spoiling their day, and charge you for the privilege.’‘ – Mario L.

”Rain or shine, your 34SP.com site is in safe hands with the best hosting and technical support in the country. Don’t take any chances. 34SP.com is the one for me and has been for 10 years.”Terry S.

”Having previously used cheaper hosts from all over the world, I always find myself coming back to 34SP.com because the bottom line is that they offer reliable hosting with top draw support. You WILL find cheaper but you won’t find BETTER and if your website is important to you or your business then my advice is forget the rest, go with the best ….. 34SP.com!”Paul Y.

”We have been with 34SP.com for a number of years and the main thing we like about 34SP.com is the wide range of services offered, the simplicity and the reliability of their products and their top quality backup and support arrangements.”Paul P.

”What I like most about 34SP.com is their support which is second to none. You are always available when we need support, this is not what we experienced in the past with other providers. Second thing we like about you is the ease of dealing with our account on line and your prices for the excellent service that you provide are very good indeed. We hope as you grow your friendly support remain as good as it is now.’‘ – Hamid M.

‘I have been a customer of 34SP.com since March 2004. I was introduced to them by a personal recommendation from a then colleague who suggested that as I was a novice to web hosting this small friendly and relatively new business would be a great fit to my needs. He mentioned that the support he had received had been of the highest quality.

Well almost 10 years later I can still say he was right.

The hosting does exactly what it says it does and is very reliable. The customer service is the very best. Swift responses, friendly advice answering what must seem the daftest of questions, simply the best customer service possible.” Kevin S.

”Simple….You’re there when I call and I get to speak to a human being straight away. None of this ‘We really value your business and you’re in a four hour queue’ twaddle! All I can ask for….keep it up!”John D.

‘When I was recommended 34SP.com over 10 years ago the only negative review I found online said: ‘they’re pretty good but they’re based in Manchester, so your sever might get nicked’.

Well… so far, so good!”Simon K.

”I love 34SP.com for their awesome service they provide. Always happy to help with any technical problems and great price packages. They have been my provider for nearly 10 years!”Christopher F.

”I have been 34SP.com for a while now, and the best thing I like is that speed of support query response time and resolutions. The staff are very knowledgeable on their products and very helpful in guiding to areas that are outside their company which makes it very helpful to get issues resolved. ”Kulwinder J.

‘What I like best about 34SP.com: 1) Value for money, 2) Help is usually only minutes away by email, 3) Easy to use features .”Ed W.

’34SP.com has been our provider for the past 8 years and we have been very pleased with the service we have received. The ease of renewing our contract with yourselves is so simple each year, and the only time we had a problem your staff was so helpful and prompt in sorting out our problem.”Tim D.

”I like the fact the people on the end of the phone are so nice to me. 34SP.com always lets me know if there’s downtime or server issues so I don’t panic. 34SP provides a hassle free way to control one’s domains.”Mitchell G.

‘I’ve been with you guys for nearly a decade and use you in my design business for moving large files between clients, testing of sites, hosting of assets and have never had any problems or downtime in service. Any queries I have had have been answered very quickly and completely – I don’t care if you give me an umbrella, just keep on doing what you are doing. good luck to us all.”Nick B.

’34SP.com are always there when we need them. Their web and email systems run well for us and if there’s ever a problem they get straight onto it. We couldn’t ask for more.”David G.

Having been with another service provider for 10 years, we decided to look around to see what was available for web hosting. We found 34SP.com on Google, impressed by what we saw, we transferred one of our domains and a website to test 34SP.com’s support. We are very pleased to say they are now getting our business from 4 sites, their local support, technical expertise are excellent.”David W.

”34SP.com – Simple and efficient, especially for the non-technically minded and busy young company leaders. Another less thing to worry about – and good value for money.”David B.

‘You are always quick to offer help above and beyond what other hosting companies have ever offered me. You’ve been in the business a long time which tells me you have lots of satisfied customers (of whom I’m one) who return again and again. Your packages are well specced and very economical. I recommend you to all my clients.”Kevin L.

”It’s the hidden stuff I like. I know that behind the scenes at 34SP.com some real experts are watching my back, for example scanning for malware or unusual activity on the server. If I do have a technical problem it is dealt with quickly and courteously.”Tim G.

”Hosting our website with 34SP.com is hassle-free, we can relax knowing that it is in safe hands. The excellent and timely support gives us peace of mind that if we have any questions they will be answered efficiently and professionally. They often surpass our expectations with the quality of their support and the range of services they provide. Keep up the good work.”Adam S.

”Great customer service consistently delivered for around 15 years. I’ve not experienced that with any other IT provider. Huzzah!” John I.

”I’ve been a customer of 34SP.com for the best part of a decade, originally with domain names and more recently with hosting. I’ve never had any cause for complaint and each time I’ve required some technical advice my questions have been answered promptly and with the utmost patience. Love the photos of the staff on the website as well!”Ian M.

‘What I like best about 34SP.com first and foremost the reliability. It is rare for anything to go down and on the rare occasion it does, or I have a problem, it doesn’t take long with a quick email to support to get it sorted. Renewal notices are sent well in advance and payment process is simple and easy. Packages are competitively priced. Finally, great customer care and website well laid out to find the information on support and service you need. I never hesitate to recommend 34SP.com to others through word of mouth and social media. Keep up the good work.”Mohamed P.

‘The things I like best about 34SP.com are their prices and their excellent customer support (both technical and non). A little civility goes a long way and it is very much appreciated; standing out starkly from most other more famous ISPs.”Jeff S.

”34SP.com is like a good friend, honest, reliable and always there for me. From a business perspective 34SP.com allows me to offer local businesses professional hosting at a very competitive price. Once I have set up a site on 34SP.com I don’t have to worry about it as I know it is in safe hands.”Paul S.

‘What I like best about 34SP.com is that for over 10 years now the service has been outstanding, very little downtime, highly competent and knowledgeable staff who go the extra mile to help. Even with coding issues when working on sites which isn’t even their remit. I’ve recommended and used 34SP.com for business accounts through my work and to friends and will continue to do so.”Ben G.

’34SP.com has an easy to use interface for going live with a website in minutes. Coupled with tech support that are efficient and prompt and locally based! It’s a winner!”Chris J.

”Three things I like best about 34SP.com…1. It just works, no hassle, no fuss – I never have a problem with the service provided, it keeps going as it should. 2. Great communication – There is always loads of notice if they have to do maintenance or system upgrades (and they’re normally in the middle of the night anyway) so I always know what to expect. 3. Brilliant technical support – Occasionally there’s something technical I don’t understand. I just raise a ticket online and a few minutes later they’re in touch and talking me through my problem. They’re never patronising, always patient and jargon-free. And… it’s raining again, and they’ve offered me the chance to win a really cool umbrella!”Steve S.

”I use another hosting service for domains I have had for years, so I can compare services. 34SP.com answered my email. Better. 34SP.com is easier to log in to to unlock FTP access. 34SP.com have an obvious place where I can read any messages.34SP have a competition only days after my birthday, May 27th, so they are bound to give me an umbrella.”Phil S.

”1) Simple hosting options that caters to vast requirements on every flatform 2) Very friendly and prompt support 3) Excellent technical know-how.”Amar K.

”We like 34SP.com because they offer real service, realistic prices, and a realistic outlook for the summer sunshine. Who else would offer an umbrella to celebrate our great British summertime? Brilliant. And given the current summer downpours, I think I could do with an umbrella. I just won’t open it indoors.”Stephen A.

”What I like best about 34SP.com is the outstanding customer service. I’ve asked plenty of questions and asked for plenty of help, and every time the response is quick, respectable and helpful. I would, and have, recommend 34SP.com on this alone.”Alex F.

”34SP.com have been there for me for the last 12 years, from my original ‘Simple message board’ account to my current Business account, always upgrading without incident or drama. 34SP.com’s webmail servers are one of the most reliable mail services I’ve ever used. 34SP.com’s 7-day service has saved my bacon on many a long weekend of updating my site.”Peet M.

”I like 34SP.com because I want my website to run without any hassle. I don’t have either time or knowledge to sort out very complicated bugs. I love the fact that I can just pick the phone to get help and sorted very quickly!’‘ – Thomas D.

‘Quite simply, ‘efficiency’, by which I mean, no fuss, and, if you need them, articulate people on the other end of a telephone; problems exceedingly few and solved easily when they, so seldom, occur – hassle free, easy, simple, no worries. It’s great to feel completely confident in your website host and to know that they are also constantly working to improve the service. There are few providers of any services in this day and age with whom I am completely happy but, actually, 34SP.com is one, maybe be the only one!”Ken J.

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