34SP.com staff are raising money for Unicef

Over the past few weeks we have all witnessed the heart breaking images of the current refugee crisis. It’s at times like these we find ourselves watching the television, wondering to ourselves “is there anything I can do to help?”.

The staff at 34SP.com love nothing more than helping people, so they have decided to organise a fundraising event, to raise money for children currently caught up in the biggest refugee crisis since World War 2.

As a result, this weekend 34SP.com staff will be running a 24 hour game-a-thon. 34SP.com staff will be playing computer games non-stop for 24 hours, starting at midnight on Friday and continuing until midnight on Saturday. The whole event will be broadcast live on streaming site Twitch, at the following URL: http://www.twitch.tv/34spgameathon.

Sales Account Manager, Siobhan McMinn, who has organised the event said “We’re all very much looking forward to raising money by doing something we all love, playing computer games. We don’t expect to solve this awful situation, but even the smallest donation can make a significant difference to people lives. That is the inspiration behind this fundraising event.”

All the money raise will be donated to Unicef’s ’Syria Children Appeal’, details of which can be found here.

If you are interested in sponsoring 34SP.com staff in their fundraising efforts, please check out their Just Giving page here:

Here are some of the items they hope to be able to purchase with your donations:

  • £9.00 can protect 80 children from the polio virus
  • £11.00 can provide an emergency water kit for a family, which includes a water container, bucket, soap and water purification tablets


34SP.com have promised to match the donations raised by their staff’s fund raising efforts.