34SP.com is now ISO certified

It’s been a busy couple of years behind the scenes at 34SP.com. With our team decamping from the office and headed to work from home, we shifted our energies into an internal revamp and a review of our platforms, processes, and business in general. As Spring unfurls, we’re excited to take the wraps off quite a few new developments that we’ve been hard at work on.

ISO Certification

The first major update for 2022 is our newly minted ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications. We’re also working away at 27001 right now too. ISO er what you ask? Put simply, ISO is the International Standards Organisation that documents the standards companies should work to in their processes and procedures. Are they making it up on the spot, or are they carefully considering and reviewing their internal operations? You’re probably glad to hear we’re in the latter camp.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 in particular is a standard that requires an organization to understand its internal processes in excruciating detail. By understanding how things should work in an ideal world, we can better review and resolve things when they don’t work: we’re only human and sometimes things do go wrong – but per our support charter were firmly committed to making things right when that happens. and making sure it never happens again. By adhering to ISO 9001 standards, and having an external company review our compliance, we should begin a virtuous circle of continual improvement. In truth, it’s something we’ve tried to trundle along doing in our own fashion for many years but our newly minted certification formalises it.

An ISO 9001 Certification logo from the centre of assessment

ISO 14001

The same goes for ISO 14001 which looks at the environmental management side of our business. You might already know that we’re very keen to build and operate a sustainable business; one that hopefully improves the communities it works with. You can read more about that here. Again the ISO certification is verifiable proof by an external source that we’re doing what we say we are. As time moves on and more and more people get on board we hope this is something our clients can demonstrate to their own end-users and stakeholders. Do you need to ensure you’re working with green businesses? Making sure they’re ISO 14001 certified is a good, verifiable way to start.

An ISO 14001 Certification logo from the centre of assessment

Those took the better part of 12 months for our team to work on and we’re excited to finally be able to take the wraps off both, with the third hopefully coming soon. Next? Well, I might just have something to tell you about new hosting platforms…

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