34SP.com charity hosting smashes through the £250,000 mark

This month we’re giddy to announce the value of the in kind donations through our charity hosting program have now sailed past the £250,000 mark. That’s a quarter of a million pounds of expense lifted from the shoulders of UK charities up and down the country.

You can see a full list of the charitable causes we support at the bottom of the charity page which at the time of writing includes 537 unique efforts around the UK.

If you’re not aware of the program, we happily host any registered UK charity for free. No strings, no catches, no second class services; just our regular (basic plan level) hosting services and support, provided completely free of charge.

In truth we’ve probably provided a much more than £250k but we only started to track the total value in the last few years, mainly as the program took off and we needed to keep a better eye on it.

When we first committed to offering free hosting to charities we set a goal of 1% of our total hosting capacity, but due to demand and interest we’ve since increased that. We now aim to provision 10% of our Professional and WordPress hosting capacity for charitable use.

That means if you’re a paying customer at 34SP.com, a portion of your monthly fee is going to support a worthy cause in the United Kingdom!