34SP.com at HostingCon 2014

From time to time the directors at 34SP.com attend web hosting industry events to stay up on the current state of the hosting industry. In a few weeks 34SP.com will attend HostingCon in Miami to once again meet with vendors and hosting professionals to ensure that our customers have access to the very best hardware and software for their online applications.

This year’s HostingCon will be held from June 16th-18th, 2014 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami Beach, Florida.
This is the 10th anniversary of this prestigious event and promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Here is specifically why 34SP.com thinks HostingCon is worth attending, and what we’ll be doing.

1. Learn about best practices and new technologies from a wide variety of web hosting vendors. As you can see from the exhibitor list – there are a huge number of providers ranging from specialty domain wholesalers, to control panel software companies, to hardware providers, to services experts. The companies range in size from well known behemoths like Dell and HP to small startups. Each of the exhibitors showcases their specialty and provide employees at the booth to answer both technical and pricing questions regarding their products. 34SP.com customarily meets with our existing vendors and learns about any new products or features, and then investigates other vendors to compare and contrast products – in order to secure the very best and most cost effective solutions for our customers. This is particularly relevant to our higher end products such as VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

2. Gain insite into the current state of the hosting industry from a worldwide perspective. HostingCon is also a great forum for hosting industry education and best practices. Through a well organised speaking programme, dozens of experts in a variety of hosting-related fields are able to share their experience and industry knowledge to those who attend.

Kevin Gold with iNet Interactive is the organiser of HostingCon and had this to say about the educational sessions, ”We have some amazing speakers and sessions this year. Chip Bell is doing our keynote session. He is a best selling author and experienced speaker. He has a lot to offer the cloud and hosting industry in regards to helping them differentiate their business and thrive in this extremely fast changing and competitive market.”

3. Meet other hosting company executives and learn about how they do business. While there are literally thousands of hosting providers active at the moment, the top tier will be represented at HostingCon. Attendance at the event usually ranges from 2,500 to 3,000 individuals. Each of the attendees works within the hosting industry, and many are employed by web hosting providers. It is a great time to examine each company’s niche within hosting and see if there are new trends emerging that 34SP.com should be planning for.

4. Take time in a secluded environment to plan for the future of 34SP.com clients and how to evolve all their services to be the best they can be. A key part of getting out of the office is to map out our internal strategy and moves for the next few years. Providing the best hosting service possible takes planning – in terms of products, services, and employees to support those initiatives. During the Miami trip the 34SP.com directors will reflect on what we are doing right and also areas for improvement and growth. Our focus is keenly renewed after a few days spent thinking about nothing other than how to better serve our customers.

To learn more about HostingCon including the agenda for speakers, a floor plan of the exhibitors or if you’d like to register to attend, please visit: www.hostingcon.com.


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