10 Years in Web Hosting Part 7

6 January 2011 Staff

As I’m sure anyone who reads this blog regularly will know, celebrated its 10th Birthday in October of 2010. As well as celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary towards the end of last year, we also moved into a fantastic new office space just a few weeks ago. This is an exciting move for any company, especially during these difficult financial times. However, when you consider that is an online company which successfully grew out of the dot com crash, you begin to appreciate that isn’t an ordinary company. While we grew at first through our business hosting and Professional web hosting products, we’ve grown into supplying virtual servers and dedicated servers now as well. That was an extraordinary company was apparent to me from the first day I started working at the company, nearly 3 years ago.

Born out of frustration at the lack of quality hosting alternatives, has always kept its customers at the heart of the business. This commitment and dedication to high quality customer service is unlike any other company I have ever worked for. The lengths the staff will go to in ensuring customer satisfaction often go well beyond the standard ‘call of duty’. It was certainly an eye opener for me when I joined the company nearly 3 years ago. I had not previously worked at a company where the customer was so squarely at the center of the business. Obviously most companies recognise the importance of providing good customer service, but at it genuinely feels as though the company exists to fulfill the needs of its customer base. I have never known a business to go to such lengths to satisfy the needs of the few, as well as the many. This level of commitment to customer service has always been a core value of the company, and is one of the reasons why all the staff at are able to look back over the last 10 years with immense pride.

The other aspect of that makes it such a special place to work, is the attitude to the staff here. We all work very hard (I’m bound to say that aren’t I?) and are regularly spoiled with monthly staff outings, and our now legendary end-of-year Christmas party. These outings are so much fun, we regularly have former members of staff attending them as well. Whether it is go-karting or ten pin bowling, our nights out are about more than just team building, they are a chance for all the staff to unwind and enjoy themselves.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working here for the last 3 years, and I’m delighted that the company has been able to celebrate its 10th anniversary this past year in style. Here’s to another 10 years of quality web hosting from, and a hearty ”Thank You!” to all the customers who have entrusted their websites and domain names to us over this past decade!