10 Years in Web Hosting Part 6

Website Hosting Support with 34SP.com

What can I really say about my time here at 34SP.com? Even though I have only been working here for a little over a year this is only a short time of my experience of the company.  The first time I heard of 34SP.com was when a friend secured a job with the company.  Not too soon after I was invited to what can only be described as a small office party more commonly known to the staff then as a ”Rock Band Night”.

When I showed up to the night and met my friend I then went on to meet numerous staff members most current and some now former.  After introductions the night pretty much went as followed.  Here is a guitar, here is a beer, go play rock band and thus followed an extremely entertaining night.

Over the next couple of years I was told of numerous employment opportunities at 34SP.com which I chose not to pursue as I believe the job not to be for me as I felt I lacked some of the skills required and would have preferred a more hands on job in the IT support industry.   During these years I had a more more encounters with the 34SP.com crew as such, pretty much all of them involved fun nights out.

When times were hard, I found myself unemployed with no company seeming to want to give a graduate a chance to prove himself in the industry (A place many a person has found themselves).  I was once notified of a job prospect in the form of the weekend support role.  This time I decided to bite the bullet so to speak and take the plunge into realm of web hosting, an area which I had always wanted to pursue.

Safe to say after an interview and some deliberation time I was hired and started work soon after.  From this point on I underwent my training and after a few weeks was soon running support on my own at the weekends (Cue a bit of I’m so Ronery).  Unfortunately my first weekend alone at the helm was not issue free and arrived at work early on Saturday morning only to be greeted by hardware issues.  After a not so small amount of panic and a quick phone call to the advanced team things were back running smoothly.

The next year involved many things both personal and business related.  Personal ones include both good and bad, most good but some bad (the main bad being I lost my weekend nights out) but all things considered this was a small price to pay for invaluable knowledge, skills and experience I have gained over the last year.  Business related ones however are all good, showing an increase in the demand for our Professional web hosting and dedicated servers which has resulted in the rolling out of many new servers for these products as well as similar increases for both VPS and reseller web hosting products and the hiring of new staff.

Having now moved from my weekend role to a fully fledged member of the full time weekday support team I can only say my time with the company so far has been extremely beneficial and a joy.  Judging from the last year I believe I will be saying exactly the same next year and others further down the line.


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