10 Things I’d Rather be Doing than Watching the World Cup

While this blog usually covers topics related to technology and web hosting, we thought to give our own Olly a shot at offering up a few alternatives to watching the World Cup all month. (But don’t forget you can still get great discounts on hosting with our World Cup hosting promo!) Enjoy.

Soooo – World Cup fever has seemingly hit the nation. For those of us who couldn’t give two hoots about the event, however, the last month of TV, radio and newspapers have already become a barrage of sentimentalist flag waving. Here, then, for those of you in the same boat, is my summary of several things I’d rather be doing. Who knows, maybe I’ll even get around to completing more than a handful of them over the coming weeks!

1. Take the dogs for a walk

There are literally hundreds of places to visit with our two loveable mutts, Monty and Sisqi. Here they are enjoying the sunshine on Brean Sands, Somerset on a recent break:

We found this to be a perfect day out for both the dogs and us, as recommended by Dog Friendly Britain – don’t have a dog? No problem, adopt one!

2. Visit Scotland. Or Wales. Or Ireland.

I’m reliably informed that none of these teams qualified for the World Cup, so in a move of solidarity, I think it’d be only polite to join them in ignoring how well or badly England are doing. The only choice is, should it be Scotland, Wales, or Ireland?

3. Build a Lego Printer

It’s silly, but I love it and want one:

[youtube zX09WnGU6ZY nolink]

4. Build an Orrery

An Orrery is a mechanical model of our Solar System. Despite hunting high and low on the internet, I’ve not been able to find a set of plans that I can use to build a full model from scratch (plenty abound for smaller sun/earth/moon versions, but I can’t find any trace of plans for building a full version!). Something like this would be AWESOME if anyone knows where I can get the plans!

[youtube 3BY5DPhSyFQ nolink]

5. Dig out an old board game

I was 9 years old when Battlecars was released. The accompanying blurb opens with the description :

A futuristic game of deadly driving. Have you ever pressed the imaginary button on the dashboard of your car to vaporize the idiot driver’s car in front ?

No? Well you didn’t get to in this game either. Battlecars gave players the opportunity to be given an imaginary sum of money and build their own car (on paper, of course) armed with machine guns and rocket launchers, then to pit their creations against their friends. Sadly, as this was pre-digital communication era, I never got past the designing stage. Think I’ll need to “encourage” the wife to give it a try.

6. Get to know my chickens

After spending several weeks erecting a chicken coop and installing chicken wire fencing, Mabel, Doris and Betty moved in on Saturday. They’re respectively speckledy, rhode rock and columbine breeds, so are giving us three different colours of egg shells. Welcome to the gang, girls!

7. Discover a lot of egg recipes

See point 6. Also by visiting eggrecipes.co.uk

8. Cultivate my herb garden

For some reason my bay tree is covered in brittle brown leaves and it’s really beginning to worry me! Can’t find much at herbexpert.co.uk so if anyone has any clues, let me know! It’s had plenty of water and feed (though not over-watered) but still refuses to flourish.

9. Buy and listen to the “The Intriguer”

The Intriguer is the new album from my favourite band, Crowded House. Woodface is probably my favourite album of all time, so this one should while away a couple of hours at least!

10. Celebrate my wife’s birthday

She officially becomes another year older on Midsummer’s Day, but as she reads this blog, I can’t tell you what we’ll be up to. Just use your imagination. 🙂


There is one comments on “10 Things I’d Rather be Doing than Watching the World Cup

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    Rachel Bellenoit June 26, 2010

    I thought EVERYONE in the UK was into FIFA. I’m not. My oldest son played football at Oxford when he studied at St. Antonys. I was proud of his smooth transition from US soccer to UK football. I’d rather be traveling to Scotland (again), in particular Isle of Sky and the Highlands. Your chickens are beautiful. And I remember Crowded House fondly. The LEGO printer is SO cool! All in all, your blog is much more interesting than the games going on right now.


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