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August Newsletter

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WordPress Survey Results are In!
It is with great pleasure that 34SP.com presents the results of our recent WordPress survey. As you may be aware, we asked each of you to tell us about how you use WordPress and a few other fun items to spice up the survey.

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Business Hosting – It’s the whole package!

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Business Hosting is “the bee’s knees“, “the cats meow“… “the bomb dot com” or any other terrible analogies I can’t think of at  this moment!

34SP.com love all of our hosting packages, they are all good in different ways and great for different markets. We have our Professional Hosting packages for those who want fantastic support at a fraction of the price. We are very proud of our Professional Hosting package to say the least. However, which package do our engineers love?

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July Newsletter

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Limited Time Left on Half Price for New .uk Domains!
For those who haven’t heard – there is a brand new domain name extension for United Kingdom domains. The freshly minted .uk domain extension is gaining great popularity among those who desire a shorter and more memorable alternative to the legacy .co.uk domain extension.

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Twitter Cards For Your Business

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How do you make your tweets stand out on Twitter?

In this blog I will give you a little insight to Twitter Cards. If you haven’t used them before I encourage you to read on and have a look at the possibilities, because it may just change your online pitch forever.

Twitter cards are a great way for your tweets to gain attention and increase your website’s traffic. By providing a different layout and style to a standard tweet, Twitter Cards provide a great opportunity to make your content look unique. Think about it… there are around 500 million tweets being sent every single day. How do you make sure an important tweet stand out from the crowd?

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WordCamp Manchester 2014

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34SP.com sponsored and attended Manchester WordCamp this year. Director Daniel Foster, Kayleigh in Tech support and Siobhan in Sales had a great time on the day. Great talks, great people and not to mention great food! :

For anyone considering going to a WordCamp event, I would definitely recommend it. There is something for everyone at WordCamp, whether you are a developer, a business owner or you simply want to learn more about SEO and blogging. Being from the Sales department and writing blogs for 34SP.com I found the educational talks to be very beneficial.

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How to Find Your Unique Selling Proposition

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In today’s overcrowded and hyper-competitive marketplace, how are you going to stand out from the crowd? Its not as simple as having the the best product or the biggest marketing budget (although that obviously helps). What every company needs is a USP, something that makes potential customers choose you instead of your competitors.

June Newsletter

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Half Price .uk Domains are Here!
The brand new .uk domain extension has officially been launched and you can order yours today!

34SP.com is a Nominet certified registrar and we’ll be offering the new .uk domain extension for HALF PRICE! The new .uk domains will be priced at just £2.50 per year for the first 90 days after launch. This represents pricing equivalent to the actual cost of these domains to 34SP.com.

Half Price .uk Domain Names

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Starting June 10, 2014 New .uk Domain Names are Just £2.50!

An exciting new United Kingdom domain name extension will be available to register starting on June 10, 2014 – .uk. This is a shorter version of the previously available .co.uk extension administered by Nominet UK. After researching the needs of the UK online marketplace, Nominet has created the brand new .uk domain name extension to offer UK businesses and websites a shorter version of their domain name.

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New .uk Domain Names Coming!

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Anyone who has an online presence in the United Kingdom knows that a domain name ending in .uk is the preferred domain extension for doing business in the UK. To date, the non-profit administrator of the .uk domain name space, Nominet, has distributed over 10.5 million domain names ending in .uk. There are an additional 2 million added each year as well.

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34SP.com at HostingCon 2014

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From time to time the directors at 34SP.com attend web hosting industry events to stay up on the current state of the hosting industry. In a few weeks 34SP.com will attend HostingCon in Miami to once again meet with vendors and hosting professionals to ensure that our customers have access to the very best hardware and software for their online applications.

This year’s HostingCon will be held from June 16th-18th, 2014 at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami Beach, Florida.
This is the 10th anniversary of this prestigious event and promises to be bigger and better than ever.

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